Boys Elementary School Mentoring Program

Most children who grow up in generational poverty do not experience the daily influence and love of their fathers. While we cannot take the place of the father, we can provide love and support and guidance missing in these children’s lives. A mentor is “a wise and trusted counselor, teacher, or supporter.” Our desire is to form a relationship based on love and trust and mutual respect where the love of Christ may be shown and expressed. With the relationship established, the children’s worldview may be transformed from societal dependence towards personal independence, a transformation which blossoms in the person who understands their significant value in Christ and learns how to live in such a way as to please the God who created him for relationship with Him.

  • Gather for 75 minutes weekly for lesson, snack, and group or individual games
  • Goal of maximum of 3 children per leader for lessons to enhance relationship building and minimize distractions
  • Lesson focus on Bible character stories and how they apply to our lives
  • Encouragement for Bible verse memory
  • Games develop relationship building, group games develop team concept and sportsmanship
  • Special speakers add emphasis to lesson focus on citizenship, value of education, proper view of success, and becoming all that God has called one to be in life
  • Special trips create relationship building opportunities, life lesson mentoring such as manners, behavior choices, value of education, and God’s view of success

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