Discipline Policy

  1. At no time will a leader physically strike a child/youth, with their hand, or any other part of their body or with an implement.
  2. Physical force or restraint, including grabbing the child, shall not be used unless it is believed to be the only means to prevent a child/youth causing injury to himself/herself or another person. In the case where physical restraint must be used, it shall be of a level sufficient to restrain the child/youth without causing them injury.
  3. In decisions of discipline, leaders will ensure that a child/youth at no time, be put in physical or emotional risk by the disciplinary action.
  4. If isolation is the chosen option, the child must be isolated within an area which is deemed to be safe and within easy supervision of at least one leader.
  5. At no time will disciplinary action be carried out without adequate explanation being given to the child/youth regarding the reason for the action.
  6. Leader has discretion in the implementation of the discipline policy based on the leader’s knowledge of how the child responds to correction and discipline.



When behavior contrary to our Youth Code of Conduct Policy occurs, the leader observing the behavior, or the leader to whom the behavior is reported, shall address the youth(s) responsible with a clear request that the behavior be stopped, changed, or avoided.



If another or the same behavior contrary to our Conduct Policy occurs involving the same youth(s), especially when it is considered to be occurring in a destructive, attention-getting, or belligerent fashion, then a second warning will be given and the parent/guardian will be notified by the leader and advised of the situation regarding their child. Depending on the nature of the misbehavior, the leader has the option of giving the youth a “cooling off vacation” for one or two weeks from S.A.Y.M. activities.



Should there be a third problem behavior contrary to our Conduct Policy, the parent should be called immediately and requested to pick up their child if possible, or the child may be taken home immediately via bus or leaders car. A conference will be scheduled with the child, their parent/guardian, and the leader and Executive Director to resolve the conflict. S.A.Y.M. reserves the right to send home or refuse participation of children who are intentionally oppositional or repeatedly refuse to follow the S.A.Y.M. Youth Code Of Conduct Policy.

Youth wishing to return to S.A.Y.M. activities after their cooling off vacation will be expected to meet with their group leader before returning to review the appropriate behavior expectations.

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