Love for Sammy Volunteers and Vans


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SAYM financial statements indicate that our assets are the four vans with which we transport our children to mentoring programs and special events, and also the basketball hoops we purchased and keep at the East Akron YMCA for our Tuesday night Boys high school program.

What does not show up under “assets” on our financial statements are our volunteers and our staff. These wonderful people spend countless hours teaching, guiding, feeding, loving, and praying for the children and students whom God has entrusted to our care.

SAYM invested $5,000 in October for maintenance, and to repair and paint the exteriors of our three oldest vans. The vans are vital to the implementation of our mission to break generational poverty. The SAYM staff and volunteers are the lifeblood of our ministry and without whom we could not begin to impact the lives of the kids as we do.

The First Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet was held recently to say “thank you” to our volunteers, our staff, and their spouses and significant others. Please join us in praying that their tribe may increase, and that SAYM may enjoy additional volunteers to accomplish our mission.

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