The SAYM Mission

Our Mission is “to transform worldview perspective from societal dependence to personal independence through application of Biblical principles, importance of education, necessity of excellence in vocational efforts, and life skills mentoring.”

Our Focus is children ages five through nineteen along the south Arlington Road corridor of Akron, OH. We believe the train to successfully transformed lives rides on the rails of relationships and education.

Our Scope

Individual mentoring relationships are formed initially through weekly gathering for Bible based lessons and small group discussions, and for the younger children, games and snacks are added to the evening gatherings as well.

Lesson topics include faith, courage, thankfulness, perseverance, and hope. Special speakers are invited to speak on topics such as citizenship, hygiene, value of education, role models, personal support system, and God’s view of success.

SAYM’s success will be measured by our students performing at or above grade level; choosing behavior which is consistent with behavior standards for society in general and school in particular; owning a sense of intimacy with a church home; and accepting their dignity and uniqueness in God’s eyes, a personal God who loves them and has a purpose for their life.

Our Values

Faith: We believe that only through God’s grace and power are individuals enabled to achieve true success.

Relationships: We believe that Christ-centered personal relationships lead to life changing growth.

Integrity: We believe we must be uncompromising in our efforts to reflect Christ’s excellence in every action we take and words we speak.

Mentoring: We believe that we are to come alongside those in need to assist in positive change.

Responsibility: We believe that accountability to God, to others and to self is our mandate.

Stewardship: We believe the lives and resources entrusted to us by God are a sacred trust.

Compassion: We believe that we are commanded, In Christ’s name, to serve others and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Dignity: We believe that every person is created in God’s image and thus deserves respect.

Love: We believe that we are commanded by God to love God and others as ourselves .