Boys AIM receipients 1st semester 2013-14

Reading Tutoring

SAYM believes getting a good education is a key component for the students on our program to break the cycle of generational poverty. SAYM has a reading tutoring program at David Hill Elementary School where volunteers read with students for an hour during school hours. We have experienced excellent reading test scores from the children who we tutor and we would welcome as many additional reading tutoring volunteers and we can secure.  Please contact Mary Breece at mnbreece@gmail.com or 330/256-7548 if you are interested in volunteering.

AIM Program

AIM is Academic Incentive for Mentees, where the students committed to our mentoring program earn money for grades each semester. Our students have improved their grades and many are maintaining improved grades. SAYM has paid close to $3,500 in AIM rewards for academic performance.  A cumulative report will be posted on this website during the first quarter of 2014 outlining the success of the AIM program.


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