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SAYM believes that learning how to be a good problem solver in the classroom is key to being a good problem solver in life. And applying truth and wisdom in each situation is a key component for all of us to break free from the chains that bind us. This principal is true for our mentors and mentees alike. Our Education Initiatives Coordinator manages the SAYM four-fold strategy to impact the educational journeys of our youth:


An hour prior to our boys’ and girls’ group mentoring, eligible mentees can receive individualized tutoring by our team of professional and volunteer tutors. Our Education Initiatives Coordinator communicates with schools and teachers in order to set goals for learning and educational development. To find out more click here, or go to our “get connected” page.



Academic Incentive For Mentees (AIM) is a program of SAYM, which provides a monetary reward for good grades earned each school quarter. This program encourages junior and senior high mentees to persevere and earn money for putting forth quarter-long effort in school. Mentees must have 75% attendance at mentoring programs and apply themselves relationally and academically in order to qualify for AIM rewards. AIM Celebrations are special dinners with various guest speakers and are held quarterly. These allow mentees earning an AIM award to be celebrated and encouraged by their peers and our leaders.
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