Boys Monday Mentoring Enjoy Cookout

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Monday is boys night out. Elementary and junior high boys meet year round and senior high boys will resume meeting in Sept. Monday is for Bible based lessons, learning who God is and learning that we are not God. Monday is for life lesson coaching, imparting and instilling values, affirming the boys, and teaching them what is God’s perspective of a real man, and how to become just that.
Last night, our elementary school boys lesson was on Jesus being the foundation of our faith, and the boys tried to build houses of trading cards as an object lesson for how a structure needs a strong foundation, and how our faith has to have the proper strong foundation and that is Jesus.
After our lesson time, all of our Monday night boys were treated to a cookout sponsored and hosted by the Domer family, who cooked hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, and all the accompaniments, and finishing with a selection of cookies and watermelon(seedless).
I would not say gluttony was on display, for I have seen these boys ability to eat many times. But I would say that when one of our ministry supporters hosts a special dinner for one of our three weekly evening mentoring programs, that our children and students exhibit extreme proficiency in putting away the groceries.
Thank you Domer Family for your generosity and showing Jesus’ love to these children.



St. Vincent-St Mary head boys basketball coach Dru Joyce, who is probably the most well known high school basketball coach in the country right now  because of one of his former players just happens to be LeBron James, the best player in the world, was the keynote speaker for SAYM’s end of the year AIM (Academic Incentives for Mentees) program which highlighted mentee’s academic efforts for the fourth grading period of the 2013-2014 school year.  The evening started with the mentees enjoying a time of food and fellowship after which Vincent Curry introduced the speaker for the evening.  Mr. Vince told the mentees that he has known Coach Dru since his son, Dru Joyce III (we called him Lil’ Dru back then, helped to lead the team to this first ACSI state championship)  played for him back in 1997  when he was head boys basketball coach at the Arlington Christian Academy.  He noted that Coach Dru had won over 75% of the games that he coached, but more importantly he noted that while basketball played an important role in Coach Dru’s  life, he understood that in dealing with the young men on his teams, basketball was  “MORE THAN A GAME.”   By that, Mr. Vince  meant that Coach Dru understood the parallels between basketball and life and the need to use basketball to help his young men to prepare for  life in the real world.  More Than A Game was also the title of the documentary on Coach Dru and the fab five of Lebron, Dru, Sian Cotton, Willie McGee, and Romeo Travis. Coach Dru thanked Mr. Vince and Mr. Don for the opportunity to speak to the mentees and then for the next 35 minutes gave them a few life plays for being successful in life.  He started out by giving some background on himself.  He told the mentees that he grew up poor in a small town called East Liverpool,  where his family lived on a dirt road.  Both of his parents worked, with his mom doing house work for some of the more well off families who lived in the city.  He noted that even though he came from a poor family, because E. Liverpool had only one school, he had the opportunity to get the same education as the kids who came from more well off families.  He noted that taking his high school education seriously gave him a good foundation.  His parents, especially his mother, stressed education and so after graduation from high school, she would not let him work in the steel mill like many of his peers, instead she made sure that he went to college   (This was an important decision because the steel mill eventually closed).

Coach Dru Joyce and mentees

Coach Dru Joyce and mentees

Coach Dru told the mentees that during his first year of college, he messed up and developed some bad habits which got him into trouble at school.  He returned home with the mindset of giving up and just working the mills, but his mother would not allow it and “encouraged” him to return to school.  He did and eventually graduated from college.  Because of his parents, especially his mother’s focus on education for him, he went from a poor neighborhood in East Liverpool to being a college graduate.  He told the boys “It’s not where you come from, but it’s where you are going.”

Coach Dru spoke from his heart and gave the boys three main points  that he believed would help them to be successful in life:

*DECISIONS CREATE ENVIRONMENT – The decisions you make today will create the environment that you live in tomorrow.  All decisions count!!!  Good decision will most often lead to good opportunities.  He talked about how a college friend decided to try heroine in college and how that led to his dying of AIDS several years later.  He talked about how his decision to coach his son in a rec league, led to him coaching LeBron and eventually traveling the world.   His coaching career began because in order for his son to be able to play in the rec league program, the director said that he had to help out and coach a team.  He did and the rest is history.  He did not know that he would eventually coach the best player in the world, etc. but that it all started with his just wanting to be there for his son.

*DISCIPLINE, NOT DESIRE DETERMINES YOUR DESTINY – The ability to  consistently do what you need to do and the ability to consistently avoid doing things that   are not good for you impact your future more than your desire.  According to studies, it takes at least 10,000 hours of  practice to become an expert in anything, so it is important to put in the work at school, etc. if you want to be good.  One of the reasons that LeBron is so good is that he practiced his craft.  In fact, he noted that through his entire career of coaching LeBron, he was so disciplined that he only missed one practice.

*WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS, MAKE LEMONADE – He noted that in life unforeseen bad things aka “lemons” – are going to happen in life.  You have two choices.  You can give up.  Or you can make lemonade.  In other words, make the best of a bad situation.  He talked about how his 2011 team lost its best player.  Instead of packing it in, the team, led by one of its other good players, decided that they could still gain a championship victory, one step at a time.  Guess what?  That team went onto win the a state championship that year.

672At the conclusion of his talk, Coach Dru told the mentees that the men involved in the program were there to help them to be successful and that they should take advantage of the opportunities  that SAYM presented them with.  He then answered several questions, many of which had to do with LeBron, and the program concluded with some mentees receiving rewards and recognition for their end of the year grades:

Coach Dru poses with mentees who received AIM special honors.

Coach Dru poses with mentees who received AIM special honors.

  • T. Wooden - Highest grade point average for  4th grading period (3.9) and Honor Roll status for entire school year (high school boys)
  • K. Wooden – 3.0 and above grade point average for 3rd & 4th grading periods (high school boys)
  • D. Blue – 3.0 and above grade point average for 3rd  &  4th grading periods (high school boys)
  • H. Miller – 2 grade increase in grade point average from 3rd to 4th grading period (high school boys)
  • R. Calhoun – Highest grade point average  for 4th grading period (3.86) and Honor Roll status for the entire school year (junior high boys).

We appreciate Coach Dru for taking time out of his busy schedule to share with us.  If the mentees put into practice some of the “plays” that he shared with them, they can be winners in life, because life is truly MORE THAN A GAME.



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