“That’s Not Fair!”

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It seems that in every economic strata, children have a tendency to resist associating rewards to performance and effort and choices. If I had a dollar for every time one of our kids tell myself or another leader “that’s not fair” I would be a rich man. One child answers a question and receives a reward..”that is not fair.” One child asks properly “may I sit in the front seat of the van” and is rewarded for proper use of English…”that’s not fair.” The boys who attend regularly and earn enough points for being a PRO(participation, respect, and obedience) are rewarded with a special event like swimming at the Y, or Laser Tag evening. The girls say..”why do the boys get to do everything, that’s not fair.”

One SAYM focus or as we say, aspiration, is to instill the value of excellence in effort. We desire that the children and students learn that there is always a blessing or reward for good choices and excellent effort, whether that blessing is tangible like a swim party at the Y, or whether the blessing is the warm and fuzzy feeling that we get when we know we have made the right choice and given our best effort.

18 elementary school girls were treated to a swim party at the YMCA. They had a blast in the pool for 1 1/2 hours and then ate pizza, chips, and cookies. Dinner was followed by time in the gym and getting their nails painted. The girls felt special and knew that this reward was for their efforts and good choices.

Of course, the boys in their neighborhoods said practically in unison….”that’s not fair.”

SAYM Girls Receive Special Blessing

SAYM Girls T Day 11-19-14 SAYM girls T Day C 11-19-14 SAYM girls T Day D 11-19-14

Miss Sharon leads our Elementary School girls ministry with passion and energy and efficiency. Miss Sharon and Miss Raina teach the 2nd to 4th grade girls on Thursday night girls mentoring, and they belong to Grace Church in Bath. Grace Church has organized a “life group” program, where 15-20 people gather weekly to study the Bible, pray, fellowship & support one another, and share their Christian walk together. It is like a mini church within a big church. Mr. Mike and Miss Kara are in Miss Sharon and Miss Raina’s life group, and they teach the K-1st grade class every other Thursday, and Miss Raina’s husband Rob, and their children also serve.

So what does all this have to do with an extra special blessing?

This life group is outward focused. They believe the Christian walk is about being and about doing; because who you are will determine what you do. The life group planned a special Thanksgiving Dinner event for the SAYM girls of all ages and 36 girls ate their fill of a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings, apple cider, and home made cookies.  Many girls took plates home for possible sharing with siblings. The girls had a craft time after dinner where they made Thanksgiving wreath’s to give to Mom.

It is a blessing for our girls to have people who are passionate about pouring into their lives. It is an extra blessing when the leaders becomes the servants. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples as a visible example of His servanthood. This life group followed Jesus’s example by preparing and serving a special dinner event, and each of the girls felt special and loved. Thank you for loving these girls and showing them God’s love is real.

Senior High Boys Attend Zips Football Game

Akron Zips game 11-4-14

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Browns boys 10-12-14

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Pastor Ward

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Jr High Boys Pic 6Oct2014

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melvin boy scout check

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High School Girls Gain Knowledge From Testimony


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Elem Girls 9-11-14

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