Elem Girls End Of School Year Party

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How can one mix great food and fun with a mixture of sadness? First, the fun part. The SAYM Elementary School girls program is for K thru 6th grade, and the girls had a blast at their end of school year party. We opened the party for 41 girls with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. The ladies enjoyed fried chicken and jojo’s, watermelon, a variety of chips, and cookies. After filling their bellies; (and you cannot imagine how much these precious girls can eat!), we bounded outside to play a variety of games that Miss Sharon and her staff organize. We had pillowcase races, tic tac toe toss; sidewalk chalk games, sidewalk bowling, and more.  The girls had popsicles outside and were diligent about throwing away their trash and helping clean up outside before hoping on their van to be taken home. Thank you Miss Sharon and staff for making these girls feel special and loved.

So what could be sad about this great evening? This will be our last Thursday evening together until the school year starts again the first Thursday in September. We have 40-50 girls each week, and we would have more but have to limit our attendance due to a lack of leaders to mentor and love on these girls. Our goals is to have a 3 to 1 ratio of girls to leaders, so we can develop a trusting and honest mentor-mentee relationship. We are three times that ratio, and thus we are limited in what we are able to accomplish with each child.

Would you consider serving as “crowd control?” Perhaps being a helper to help with word search puzzles or taking a young lady to the bathroom? (That is another thing that would amaze the reader. When one girls needs to go to the bathroom, it creates a dynamic in the room in which 11 other girls suddenly have to go IMMEDIATELY!).  If you cannot serve every Thursday, we could use adult ladies who can serve every other Thursday.  We have a dedicated couple who teaches the K-2nd grade every other Thursday; would you know a couple who could serve this age group the other two Thursday’s each month? Would you pray that God will drop the 8 leaders we need from heaven this summer? We promise to catch them. P.S. Our current team of leaders cannot stay away from these girls all summer, so some special events the girls call “field trips” are scheduled.

SAYM Girls Give Back

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Last Saturday Miss Mary and Miss Kelly took eight 5-6th grade girls to Summit Missions in Green, for a volunteer day. The girls were picked up at 7:30 am and enjoys donut holes on the way. The Directors of Summit Missions shared about the ministry and explained that this volunteer day was to sort clothes for the Thrift Shop in Transnistria, in eastern Europe. The Thrift Shop employs 80 people in a country where unemployment is over 50%, and also provides income for the Mission’s orphanage and foster care programs. Wouldn’t it be just like our God, that three of the girls had heard of Transnistria, because their teacher has a son who went on a missions trip to Transnistria with Summit Missions. These girls actually remembered learning about this poor country, its location and its history; so that hearing about how Summit Missions ministry impacts the lives of girls, just like them, in another hemisphere, was a true blessing. All of the girls jumped into the project sorting clothes and each took their responsibilities seriously, working all morning till lunchtime.

How cool is it to see eight girls, who normally sleep in on Saturday mornings, get themselves up and eagerly jump into a job where they can give back to serve poor, orphaned children on the other side of the world? Our large God often makes the world seem small.

The girls were treated to a great lunch and time to celebrate at Golden Coral following their time investing building treasure in heaven.

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