Brothers Enjoy Browns Beating Of Burgh-town Boys

Browns boys 10-12-14Browns game 10-12-14Browns game derell sleep 10-12-14Browns game kristian sleep 10-12-14

Derell and Kristian enjoyed attending their first NFL game Sunday as they witnessed the Browns whallop their arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers 31-10. The brothers chose pizza and fries for a “pre-game meal” and popcorn and more fries for snacks during the game, and they both chose to rest their eyes during the ride home.  Derell and Kristian have been regular attendees to SAYM mentoring for 3 years and they understand and are committed to the mentoring program. Leaders spending time with students outside of our regular group mentoring activities, allows for deepening relationships, instilling values, and affirming that they are valuable. The students observe people and places and life situations which they may not normally see and the students observe Christian leaders for extended periods of time interacting with them and with the others. All of which can be trans-formative for these young people. Perhaps sharing the gospel of Christ can be a non-verbal exercise sometimes?

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Pastor Ward Pastor Ward diploma Pastor Ward rec doctorate

Reverend Mark Tony Ward possesses the heart of a Pastor, and now has the diploma to prove he has been blessed with the mind of a Doctor. Pastor Ward has earned his Doctorate of Ministry with an emphasis on Strategic Leadership from Faith Evangelical Seminary. Pastor Ward has been leading the flock at Zion Temple Baptist Church in Akron for over twenty years, and for many of those years was bi-vocational working full time at First Merit Bank. The Bible speaks of a pastor as being like a shepherd, caring for, tending and protecting his flock. And while Jesus is the Great Shepherd of all of His Church, God has called individuals to pastor flocks of believers all over the world. Pastor Ward has that shepherd’s love for his flock but also for the people in the surrounding area of Zion Church, especially the children and students.

Pastor Ward agreed to serve on the Board of SAYM earlier this year and also co-leads our Monday senior high boys ministry with Vince Curry, our High School Director. SAYM and Pastor Ward are a perfect fit for when God puts the pieces together, they are a no-brainer match. The vision to transform the lives of the young people in our footprint is in the DNA of all of our Board, Advisory Council, Leadership Team and all of our volunteers.

In God’s economy, He designs the local church and church universal to operate like the body; where all members of that body must function properly or there will naturally be a deficiency. SAYM is a para-church ministry, meaning we come along side the local churches and focus our ministry efforts to a specific geography or need. SAYM geography is a one mile by two and a half mile footprint in east Akron with our focus being children 5 to 19. The SAYM Board is comprised of six individuals with different backgrounds and skill sets, all melded together by God to manage SAYM along with the Leadership Team. The Board is lead by a Group VP of the Akron Area YMCA, two businessmen, a middle and high school Guidance Counselor, Special Events Coordinator for a large ministry to homeless and transient community, and a Pastor of a local church with a Strategic Leadership Doctorate. Our Leadership Team and Advisory Council are equally impressive, but blogs are supposed to be short and sweet.

Please continue to pray for SAYM and our leadership as we seek to fulfill the calling to minister to these precious children who need to hear and see the love of Christ and the power He provides to transform a heart, a mind, a life.

Junior High Boys Catch a Vision

Jr High Boys Pic 6Oct2014

Tonight, South Akron Youth Mentorship Junior High Boys caught a vision. We learned how God wants "young men to see visions and old men to dream dreams"  We studied how to create a vision by listening to one of the greatest visionary speeches of … [Continue reading]

Golf Tournament Parking Assistance Nets $$ For SAYM

melvin boy scout check

It was in the middle of the summer but it was chilly and damp at 6:30 am, when five of our senior high boys assisted three of our leaders with parking cars at the volunteer parking lot, for the WGC-Bridgestone golf tournament. For five days, the boys … [Continue reading]

High School Girls Gain Knowledge From Testimony


Miss Lisa is a member at Macedonia Baptist Church where we meet with our girls mentoring program on Thursday nights.  Macedonia Baptist Church is named after the city of Macedonia which was north of Greece and where the Apostle Paul and his comrades … [Continue reading]

The Girls Are Back In Town!

Elem Girls 9-11-14

The SAYM girls weekly mentoring programming resumed on Thursday September 4th. Due to a lack of leaders, the girls follow the school year calendar and do not meet weekly during the summer. Our boys mentoring programs meet year round, and the girls … [Continue reading]

Elementary Girls Enjoy End Of Summer Picnic


Fifteen of our elementary school girls enjoyed an end of the summer picnic at Goodyear Metro Park just before school started back for the new school year. Mr. Mike, Mr. Rob, and Mr. Melvin handled the picnic set up and cooking while Miss Sharon and … [Continue reading]

Elementary Girls Visit The Akron Zoo


Fifteen of our elementary school girls enjoyed at day at the Akron Zoo at the end of July. Miss Sharon, Miss Mary, Miss Avery, and Miss Raina had their hands full as the girls were super excited to "go on a field trip" and see the various animals at … [Continue reading]

High School Program Gets Sports Equipment

Melvin Sports Equip PU 8-30-14

Stratton Church of the Nazarene is a small church located about 15 miles from Steubenville, Ohio in the town of Stratton, population 300. The church had a vision to organize a high school ministry from the neighboring communities and had purchased … [Continue reading]

SAYM High School Boys Service Project

Boys Serv Proj 9-2-14

The East Akron Parade and Festival was held on Labor Day September 1. The parade staged in the parking lot of Arlington Church of God and the parade route was along Arlington Street for about one mile from ten to eleven in the morning. Four high … [Continue reading]