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* $50,000 individual donation offers new opportunities for SAYM to expand.
* We reviewed the 3 year vision statement that is being developed.
* Our second year of the Youth Employment program starts in September with the first training session on Saturday, Oct 3.
* Eric Fletcher from the Young Black Professionals Coalition attended to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

High School Girls Earn Money For Scholastic Excellence

Girls AIM 3rd qtr 2015 Bgirls aim F 6-11-15Girls AIM 3rd qtr 2015girls aim E 6-11-15

SAYM believes the chains of generational poverty may be broken with the building of trusted relationships, and with instilling an appreciation of investing in oneself by gaining a quality education.

SAYM mentoring programs are designed to establish trusted relationships with positive role models who invest time and energy to instill an understanding that there is a God, and that God loves each of us enough to die for us, which Jesus did over 2,000 years ago. Our mentors have accepted that awesome gift of forgiveness for sins and eternal life through the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These mentors understand the responsibility of the gift we have been given, and, as such, we desire to serve Christ by sharing our lives, our possessions, and our energy by pouring our lives back into others lives.

SAYM also believes that education of our mentees is vital to the prospect of developing a worldview perspective of personal independence, where one is not dependent on the government determination of ones worth. The SAYM Academic Incentive for Mentees Program(AIM) is our signature initiative to encourage and reward excellence in scholastic performance. Junior and senior high students earn monetary rewards each school quarter for their grades. If a student earns all A’s in core subjects, they earn $100. An AIM Celebration is held after each quarter to pass out the awards and publicly acknowledge the student’s efforts and success. We serve a special dinner, and invite a speaker to share their perspective and life lessons to provide the students with further encouragement.

The pictures above are from the recent 3rd quarter AIM Celebration for our girls. Felicia Gould, Principal of East Community Learning Center presented a wonderful and encouraging story about a young lady who grew up in a broken home, a girl who moved several times growing up and struggled in school. Felicia invited the girls in attendance to make small groups and discuss and determine the end of the story about this young lady. Our girls then reported a variety of story endings for this fictitious young lady in the story. Felicia stated that circumstances are not barriers, as she finished the rest of the story. The young lady was encouraged by enough caring adults in her life, that she became a voracious reader and excellent student. She earned her undergraduate degree, two master’s degrees and is close to earning her doctorate. The young lady was in fact Felicia; who can honestly and emphatically say “circumstances are not barriers.”

Thank You – Funding Sponsors

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SAYM 5th Annual Golf Outing A Success!


    SAYM held our 5th Annual Golf Outing on Monday June 22 at Ohio Prestwick Country Club in Uniontown, Ohio. It was a brilliant sunny day and for the second time in five years, there was no rain on the event. 72 golfers participated and … [Continue reading]

Elem Girls End Of School Year Party


How can one mix great food and fun with a mixture of sadness? First, the fun part. The SAYM Elementary School girls program is for K thru 6th grade, and the girls had a blast at their end of school year party. We opened the party for 41 girls with a … [Continue reading]

SAYM Girls Give Back


Last Saturday Miss Mary and Miss Kelly took eight 5-6th grade girls to Summit Missions in Green, for a volunteer day. The girls were picked up at 7:30 am and enjoys donut holes on the way. The Directors of Summit Missions shared about the ministry … [Continue reading]

Mr. Vince

Mr. Vince

  Who is Mr. Vince? Mr. Vince is the SAYM High School Director. Mr. Vince invests countless hours with our high school students leading Monday and Tuesday night rap sessions and also mentoring students in the schools and after school hours. … [Continue reading]

SAYM Golf Event Critical to SAYM Funding

SAYM Golf Chevalier

The event is Monday, June 22 SAYM requests your support to make our 5th Annual Golf Event a success. This is our only fundraiser which accounts for nearly 25% of our funding each year. You can see from the pictures above that this event is … [Continue reading]

A Former Convict Shares His Story To Boys AIM Program


Mr. Ralph Lee works with Mr. Mike at Stewart & Calhoun Funeral Home, and is one of Mr. Mike's hero's and mentors. Mr. Lee was our guest speaker for our recent AIM Celebration, where we honor our Academic Incentive for Mentees winners. Junior and … [Continue reading]

SAYM Loses One, Heaven Gains One


How do you say goodbye to a 10 year old boy, especially when you do not know that he will be involved in an accident that claims his life. On Tuesday afternoon 1-20-15, Christian was walking with his big sister, to a church near his home when he was … [Continue reading]